Other Membership Types

Are you interested in a membership type for more than one person? Please see some of our membership types below.

Collaborator Membership

A collaborator membership includes privileges to bring another collaborator who is not a current member into the venue to work on creative projects with you. Examples include bringing an interview guest for a podcast you are recording, or brining an editor to work with you on a film you are collaborating on. $30 a month. Click here to join.

Partner Membership

A partner membership includes privileges for two people who pay via a single subscription to HEREandTHERE.live. Each member has the same privileges as a regular individual member. $40 a month. Click here to join.

Family Membership

A family membership includes privileges for up to four members of the same household family, which may include related parents, grandparents, children, and siblings. $40 a month. Click here to join.

Organization Membership

An organizational membership provides membership privileges on an organizational level, in which four individuals representing the organization may utilize our venue and services in service of their organization's goals. $80 a month, or $960 a year. Click here to join.

Sponsor Membership

A sponsor member contributes financially to our organization in a variable amount in excess of $20 per month, of which those additional funds are applied to scholarships so that individuals who cannot afford to pay may be provided membership to our organization. Click here to join.

Points Membership

A points member gains full membership privileges by volunteering and completing organizational tasks and projects in lieu of monthly payment. A points member must volunteer 3 hours per week towards approved projects and/or tasks to qualify to be a points member. Click here to join.