is a member-based non-profit performing arts theater and production studio dedicated to serving artists and community members in Edina, Minnesota. Our venue produces and showcases new works for the stage, original music, comedy, improv, poetry, storytelling, magic, writing, filmmaking, and even karaoke.

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Your contributions through donations, membership, and volunteering help support our ongoing programs to support youth, artists, and the community is greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Events

Due to the coronavirus, all of our public events are on hold.

About Us

Our Stage
A photo of our performance stage in the winter of 2018. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our venue and recording studio provides opportunities for young people, students, artists, and community members to engage in the performing arts in a variety of ways.

Our Values

  • We organize for broad diversity and all inclusiveness, bringing as many relevant perspectives into the thinking as possible.
  • We organize on the basis of vision, caring, and responsibility and not on the basis of anger or fear.
  • We organize to recruit ever more allies and not to identify enemies or attack or embarrass any so called opposition.
  • We organize to propose solutions and not to protest wrongs.
  • We organize for the common good and not for self interest.
  • We organize for completion and to win, not just be ethically or morally correct.
  • We organize with a shared commitment to struggle together for positive change. This struggle is threefold: personal, interpersonal and global.

Our Program Activites

Managing Director David Plutado Fugate holding a boom microphone.

the doactcrazy group

The doactcrazy group is a collaborative artistic group of that specializes in creating new media, focusing mostly on producing films and episodic content for the web. Our name is a variation of the term "doOcracy", which is defined as structure in which members of the group choose their roles and tasks on any chosen production project. This program provides young people with opportunities to act, direct, write, and produce content, gain experience, and develop leadership skills while working in a meaningful and collaborative environment. Become a monthly member (for as little as $20) by visiting our membership page! 


Rehearsals, Recitals, and Spoken Word

We actively support and produce events for young people to rehearse and perform music recitals.

We invite and engage young people to creatively and passionately express themselves through organized spoken word poetry events.

Photo by Pinho on Unsplash

Artist Merchandising Support

Our organization actively supports artists by offering a them a space to showcase their albums and artist-related merchandise, such as t-shirts and apparel.

For artists who are looking to offer merchandise in order to cultivate support and increase their fan-base, our organization also provides assistance in designing and producing merchandise for artists to offer.

Our Location


3195 Southdale Center
Edina, MN 55435
United States
(612) 444-9847

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